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Traditional Mediterranean Dishes

Main dishes


Shade-fish tartar flavored with lime and fresh coriander, avocado cream and crispy rice with cuttlefish ink
Warm carrot mouse with Syros island sausage and Ios kefalotyri cheese (gluten free)
Shrimp* wrapped in kataifi crust with spicy mayo, sundried tomato paste and feta cheese mousse.
Fried calamari* with Greek couscous, grilled zucchini and fish roe spread with basil
Grilled octopus* with miso and honey flavored eggplant, baked cherry tomatoes and sweet garlic cream
Mini hamburgers with meatballs, yoghurt cream and cucumber pickles
Avocado tzatziki, fresh peppermint, yuzu and crispy pita bread with smoked paprika (vegan)


Mesclun salad, fresh peaches, goat cheese in almond crust and honey basil vinaigrette (vegetarian and vegan without the cheese, gluten free with cheese but without the crust)
Refreshing salad with quinoa, grilled sardines, peas, cucumber and agretti with raisin and caper vinaigrette (vegetarian and vegan without sardines, gluten free)
Caesar salad with grilled shrimp*, cured pork from Mani and country bread rusks
Salad with grilled melon and spices, rocket, purslane and caramelized cashew nuts with honey and ouzo vinaigrette (vegetarian, vegan and gluten free)
Main dishes

Pasta & Rissoto

Greek style risotto with volaki cheese from Andros, mint cream and sweet garlic chips (vegetarian, vegan without the cheese, gluten free)
Potato gnocchi with Naxos kefalotyri cheese cream and wild mushroom ragout (vegetarian)
Penne with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil (vegetarian and vegan, gluten free upon request)

Main Dishes

Lentil and vegetable ‘risotto’ with smoked tomato cream and kale chips (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free)
Sea bass* in quinoa crust with zucchini cream, roasted carrots and sea fennel with lemon caper dressing
Fried sea bream* with saffron potato ecrase, spiny chicory salad and beetroot sauce
Cod* baked in olive oil with herb crust, light garlic and chickpea spread, savory tomato jam and Lefkada salami with sweet and sour cucumber sauce
Cockerel over Greek couscous with roasted tomatoes, fennel and lemon
Pork* neck cooked for 24 hours, mashed celeriac and orange flavored lentil salad with molasses and cider vinegar sauce
Rib eye* steak with grilled Portobello mushrooms, parmesan cream and rosemary potatoes


Valhrona milk chocolate ganache with caramelized hazelnuts, red fruit cream and mango-passion fruit sorbet
Cheesecake cream with barley rusk crumble, sweet red peppers sorbet and spicy chili meringues (vegetarian, gluten free without the crumble)
Lime meringue, pineapple sorbet, coconut cream and cherry sauce (vegetarian)
Flourless bittersweet chocolate cake with caramel sauce and Madagascar vanilla ice cream

Sushi Menu

Vegetables - cucumber, avocado, carrots & green leaf.
Salmon masago - salmon, avocado & orange masago.
Salmon teriyaki - salmon, avocado, cucumber & teriyaki sauce.
Spicy salmon - salmon, fresh onion, red tobiko, white sesame & spicy sauce.
Spicy tuna - tuna, fresh onion, red tobiko, black sesame & spicy sauce.
Philadelphia - smoked salmon, avocado, Philadelphia cheese & caper sauce.
California - avocado, cucumber, king crab, red tobiko & mayonnaise.
Rainbow - avocado, cucumber, salmon, tuna, ebi shrimp & seabass.
Shrimp Tempura - tempura shrimp, green leaf, red tobiko, white sesame & tempura sauce.
Dragon roll - tempura shrimp, avocado, unagi eel & eel sauce.
Dayapan rocks – king crab, soft shell crab, red tobiko, chili mayonaise & eel sauce.
Maki Mix – 4pcs California, 4pcs Shrimp Tempura, 4pcs Salmon Masago, 4pcs Spicy Tuna.
Sushi Mix - 4pcs California, 4pcs Salmon Masago, 3pcs Salmon Sashimi, 3pcs Tuna Sashimi, 2pcs Salmon Nigiri, 2pcs Tuna Nigiri.
Salmon, Tuna, Seabass, Ebi Shrimp, Eel
Salmon, Tuna, Seabass, Ebi Shrimp, Eel
Sushi Menu

Items marked with asterisk (*) are frozen

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